Bursche Stock Chestnut Brown Stained - B007BNYTOM

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  • Length: approx. 70 - 80 cm

  • Diameter: approx. 14 - 17 mm

  • [with attached tip

  • Made in Germany

  • Bursche pole Brown Stained and this children's stock - Bursche poles is a real wooden Tock which made from a Spanish sweet chestnut. Each stick has received covered with a clear varnish and has thereby a silky gloss. Thanks to the paint, the stick is weather-proof. With this stick, your child or grandchild you much joy.
    This stick closes with a pole tip of a mountain.
    Diameter: Approx. 14 - 17 mm
    Length: Approximately 70 - 80 cm
    Wood: Chestnut
    Comes in a choice of 2 finishes depending on the variant: Standard or with bell

    Bursche Stock Chestnut Brown Stained - B007BNYTOM